Friday, 29 June 2007

No going back

Well, that's sorted it then.

I officially told people about my "quest" today at work and elsewhere. And I've got to say, the early response was fantastic. Not only did donations reach over £200 by the end of the day (wow!), there was huge encouragement from pretty much everyone. People seemed interested and supportive and were keen to offer genuine advice.

Which was nice.

Of course, this means I'm seriously committed now. I can't back out and failure would be a huge (and public) embarrassment. That's probably a good thing, though, if it helps to concentrate the mind.

So the countdown begins to 1st July, when this all starts. I chose this date for the weight loss plan to start as we would be just returning from two weeks holiday, with all the calorific horrors that entails. And I can certainly vouch that a fortnight in Brittany does your waistline no favours. Time to work off all those crepes, I guess.

So Sunday morning is when I actually record my start weight. Scary.

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