Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Our Christmas challenge

Did I mention we were going away over the Christmas period?

We haven't really indulged in the usual seasonal activities as a result. We haven't bothered with decorations or even a tree. After all, what's the point if we're not here to enjoy them? And if we have a tree up, Bodie the cat will only try and hump it in our absence. Matt and Kate next door are looking after him while we're away, but expecting them to deal with the aftermath of a cat/tree coupling is a bit too much to ask.

So when Katie asked me the other day if I'd bought her a card, I admitted that I hadn't. "That's OK," she replied, "neither have I. And to be honest, I'll struggle to get hold of a halfway decent one before we go away at the weekend."

This struck me as a little sad. Is this what nine years of marriage leads to?

So we've decided to make it a little interesting. We're going to have a challenge:

The Official 2007 Bad Taste Yuletide Challenge.

Snappy title, yes? The rules are quite simple. We have to find the cheapest, nastiest, godawful Christmas cards we can, and send them to each other. Extra points for any verse that induces the early onset of diabetes. I will be taking pictures if the quality is low enough.

(p.s. I know. It's my 100th post. I don't quite understand how I got here either. If I'd realised then what I realise now, etc.....)


City Girl said...

Snappy title, yes?


This is actually the unspoken mode of operation between me and the Hubster. The worse the card, the better we like it. I nearly bought him a With Deepest Sympathy card one year, but couldn't work up the nerve. :o)

And CONGRATS on the posting milestone!

Rebecca said...

Congrats on the 100th post! Now if only I had a cheap, nasty, godawful, saccharine card to give you for this milestone.


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