Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The man with the plan

Well, that's that then. It's about time. Many of us wondered if we'd ever see this day.

An enigmatic man, indeed. A bit of a mystery. But he's a man of skill, admired by his peers. And today he received recognition.

It could have been anyone, originally. There has been a number of potential candidates, after all. But today, after all this time, we got final closure.

What? Barack who? Oh, no, I'm referring to the identity of The Stig becoming publicly known.

Oh, alright, if it pleases you:

(With thanks to ObamIcon.me).

1 comment:

City Girl said...

Apt comparison to outing St. Nick. :o(

I still think Schumacher is the Stig. This is just a clever diversion.


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