Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sher-ee-eee don't like it

And I thought it was just me. I imagined that I was the only one who did it. I suspected that it was just something that amused me, and me alone.

I appear to have been wrong.

Driving home this lunchtime, I was listening to the radio and the presenter read out an e-mail from a listener. About how, whenever they were using a particular feature in MS Windows, they found themselves singing a 25-year old Clash song.

And I was punching the air, going: "Yes! I do that too! So it's not just me!" Which may have affected my driving just a little.

Those of you who still don't get it (and are Windows users) hover your mouse over the blue bar at the bottom of your screen. Right-button-click. Take a look at the options available.

And if you still don't know what I'm talking about, click here.

Does anyone else out there have similar peculiarities, I wonder?


Lisa said...

Aw, it says that that particular video is not available in my country. Why is my country being discriminated against??

Yeah, sorry, even after hovering over the task bar, I still don't know what you're talking about lol

Le laquet said...

I am indeed locking the taskbar/rocking the casbah!

City Girl said...

Lisa: You must be under the age of 35. :o)

LOCK the taskbar! LOCK the taskbar!

David Edgar said...

Is it wise to say at this point that most members of IT departments (aka GEEKS) refer to it as so.

I thought not.

fatboyfat said...

Lisa: I think there may be some issues with YouTube. I couldn't embed the video, probably at the request of a record company somewhere.

Laquet/CG: Nailed it.

The Edgar: And there was I thinking that most IT guys simply knew the dialogue to the Star Wars film off by heart. Surely protest punk would be a little too rich for them?

Rebecca said...

Ha ha! This is the first time I've noticed that. I guess I never lock the taskbar, lock the taskbar, Sharif don't like it...crap. It's stuck in my head.


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