Monday, 2 February 2009

Mondays are for drinking with the Seldom Seen Kid

In my snow-and-horrifying-traffic-capers-related excitement I forgot to mention last night.

The BBC, in their ultimate wisdom, recorded a session with Elbow earlier in January, at Abbey Road studios. They invited along the BBC Concert Orchestra and a full choir. Someone trained a whole load of cameras on them, then the Beeb decided to show the whole thing on the telly. Cue lots of "Actually the BBC licence fee is not bad value for money" style-discussions.

Those of you reading this in the next few days might be in time to see it on iPlayer, if you'd like. I recommend the track 'Mirrorball', by the way - about 11 and a half minutes in. If you don't get chills, check for a pulse.

Those of you coming along later will have to make do with this track below. Make sure you do:

1 comment:

Le laquet said...

Amazing how they sound with the orchestra and choir - I love the album, off to watch on iPlayer.


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