Monday, 13 April 2009

The lost long weekend

Good Friday: we go round to the neighbours; much hilarity ensues. For 'hilarity', read 'drinking'. We get to try something called Agwa. It is bright green and should be downed in one shot.

Easter Saturday: we go round to the in-laws. Accompanying a hearty meal is a considerable amount of wine. And Glen Moray single malt. My father-in-law is very generous with the latter.

Easter Sunday: we go round to some friends. Last night I was drinking pints of Snecklifter. I don't know if I've ever lifted a sneck before (checks wikipedia) would appear that I have.

Easter Monday: we sit on our sofas all day, groaning slightly. We emit the odd whimper.

Kids - don't do drink. It's not big or clever. Never again.

1 comment:

Le laquet said...

Yeah - my head thought that the end was night yesterday morning - 8 bottles of wine, 4 people and too many "digestifs" afterwards ... me thinks that Lent comes the wrong end of Easter sometimes!


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