Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Incandescent with rage

Timeline: 1st September 1909

The Government's plans to transform the way we light our homes and offices took a new step today, with the announcement that the sale and import of gas mantles is to be banned.

For several years, the so-called "light bulbs", originally patented by Messrs Edison and Swann, have been gaining in popularity. Proponents of electrical lighting have claimed that the new technology provides safe and efficient light, free from the fumes and soot associated with gaslights and candles.

However, these is some resistance to the spread of electrical lighting. "The light is too sudden," claims a Mr Hughes, a farrier from Hampstead. "One activates the switching mechanism and suddenly the room is flooded with white light. I much prefer the gradual increase in illumination to be experienced with the gas mantle. And as for the price - I understand the Maxim company will be charging a half-shilling per bulb. It will never catch on, mark my words."

It appears that these fears will not be easily allayed, however. A spokesman for the London Electric Company commented thus: "We need to progress finally into the 20th century. There must be no delay. The incandescent light bulb is our future. And, once we have moved to safe, clean electric light, I see no reason why we would ever need to change."


City Girl said...

Not to be completely girly and vain, but...has anyone else noticed that every "new" form of lighting is less flattering than the last?

Candles and gas light - absolutely flattering. What's better than gazing at your beloved in candle light?

"Soft White" bulbs were not flattering, but they didn't do any damage either.

These damn fluorescent bulbs are hideous! They make everyone look tired and green.

Couldn't we just go back to candles?

fatboyfat said...

I was beginning to wonder why I was looking tired and green. Now I know I can blame it on lighting, I feel so much better!

Anonymous said...

Tired and green probably has more to do with your 'diet' - in the same way as it affects me. However, just to get serious for once (I know, it;s not like me at all...), I have a sprog who has a dimmer switch in her room and it was costing me a fortune in these new-fangled bulbs until someone enlightened me (like the pun here?!) and told me it's cos these new bulbs don't like dimmer switches. Hence the purchase of lots of 60watt regular bayonet bulbs to at least prevent the hysterics when switching the lights of results in the whole house being plunged into darkeness and a mad scramble for the trip switches to restore order until the next ime a bulb is changed!

greeneggsandtam said...

CG - They are hideous. I hate them too. I like Christmas lights though. Maybe I will start celebrating the holidays from August onwards.


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