Sunday, 25 October 2009

Here's one I made earlier

I've been writing on this blog for over two years now, on and off. I know, I'm surprised, too. I've had shorter relationships with real people than with this collection of ones and zeroes.

At last count there were 317 posts here. 317 times I've thought of something to write (although in quite a few cases 'thought' is stretching the point a little). 317 times I've sat huddled over the screen, wrangling the words, summoning the sentences and attempting something vaguely alliterative with paragraphs.

But it occurs to me that a lot of readers - especially the ones that are coming here via Facebook or Twitter - only get to see the latest missive. I was much better in 2007, honest.

That's why I've added a little widget to the bottom of each post. It goes hunting through the blog and picks out three old posts for your amusement, delectation and entertainment. Go have a look. See what this place was like before it jumped the shark.


Mike said...

Hummmmm. Nice widget.

Country Girl said...

No...I love your posts. Every time you unload something I think, "I used to write like that." Before Kids.


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