Saturday, 10 October 2009

Music in my pants

We need to lighten the mood a little after my recent ranting. While there's nothing I like more than a good rant, it's not a great spectator sport.

I could relieve the tension by crafting some finely observed comedy. Perhaps some biting yet hilarious satire that looks deep into the human spirit. Or I could do gags about underwear.

Yep, that's sorted then. However, you can join in too. This is what I want you to do:
  • Go grab your MP3 player, iPod or similar digital music system
  • Hit the random button
  • Place the words "in my pants" at the end of each song title that comes up
  • Repeat twenty times
Here are the results I got just now:
  1. Romeo in my pants - Basement Jaxx
  2. Afterglow in my pants - Genesis
  3. Keep On Moving in my pants - UB40
  4. Use Somebody in my pants - Kings of Leon
  5. Little Wonder in my pants - David Bowie
  6. Would I Lie to You in my pants - Whitesnake
  7. Two Thousand Years in my pants - The Who
  8. I Can Take You to the Sun in my pants - The Misunderstood
  9. Lay Down Your Head in my pants - Accidental Superhero
  10. Weird Fishes in my pants - Radiohead
  11. Highway Star in my pants - Deep Purple
  12. Stop in my pants - Pink Floyd
  13. Sweet Miracle in my pants - Rush
  14. The Golden Floor in my pants - Snow Patrol
  15. Lullaby in my pants - The Cure
  16. Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night in my pants - The Fratellis
  17. Smells Like Teen Spirit in my pants - The Moog Cookbook
  18. That's The Way in my pants - Led Zeppelin
  19. Virtual Insanity in my pants - Jamiroquai
  20. Anybody There in my pants - The Script

Yes, it's childish. Yes, I pinched the idea from somewhere else. And yes, you're probably casting around for your iPod even as you read this.

Your list can go in the comments. Think of it as your gift to me.


Tom said...

1. Safe Place in my pants ~ Staind
2. Spank in my pants ~ Kenny Wayne Shepard
3. All Night in my pants ~ Def Leppard
4. Mary Jane's Last Dance in my pants ~ Tom Petty
5. You Could Be Mine in my pants ~ Guns N Roses
6. Wrapped Around Your Finger in my pants ~ The Police
7. Disease in my pants ~ Matchbox 20
8. Sober in my pants ~ Tool
9. Enoch's Meditation in my pants ~ Robert Glasper
10. Shout in my pants ~ Tears For Fears
11. Home in my pants ~ Sevendust
12. The Razor's Edge in my pants ~ AC/DC
13. Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek in my pants ~ Blue October
14. Shine On in my pants ~ Mercy Me
15. The More in my pants ~ Downhere
16. Stomp in my pants ~ Kirk Franklin
17. Good Enough in my pants ~ Sarah Mclachlan
18. Breathing in my pants ~ Lifehouse
19. Split Screen Sadness in my pants ~ John Mayer
20. Little Is Much in my pants ~ Downhere

philp said...

Try searching for all songs with the word 'love' in the title, then replacing 'love' with 'wang'...

HH said...

Nice one Phil made me giggle out loud - just the thing for a Monday morning! HH x

alejna said...

I'm so glad you played along. You've contributed many gems to this ongoing project. (How can you go wrong with "Weird fishes in my pants?" Not to mention "Smells Like Teen Spriit in my pants.)

This game never ceases to amuse me. (I swear I am older than 12.) (Actually, I think when I was 12, I took myself a lot more seriously.)

Thanks for the link, in any case.


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