Sunday, 6 December 2009

What is this, some sort of interview? Oh, it is. (Part 1).

A couple of years ago a chap called Neil Kramer had a stroke of genius. He would get people with blogs from all over the world to interview each other. They'd each throw their names into a virtual hat, with blogger number 2 putting questions to blogger number 1, whilst themselves being interviewed by blogger number 3. Bloggers 4, 5, 6 would join in, et cetera.

And so the Great Interview Experiment was born. A chain formed, with dozens of complete strangers finding new friends and putting their deepest thoughts online.

As is customary with all good ideas, Neil has decided to repeat it. This year, I've been interviewed by Natalie. Natalie has had to plough through two and a half years of Make Lard History in a matter of days, so we must all make sympathetic noises. But it's been worth it, as she asked me some very good questions and I was a little more open than I am here. Go and read her blog, folks, she's one of the Good People.

You can read her interview of me here.

There is a second part to the Experiment, where the random person I'm interviewing gives me their answers and I post them here. The person in question has been hellishly busy but I'm hoping to get her replies soon. Watch this space.


Le laquet said...

Confound it KCC websense won't let me visit her site! Grrrr! I'll actually have to do some work in work rather than blog-hopping!

City Girl said...

Excellent responses! Your blog personality came through perfectly - I'll bet you get a load of new traffic from that interview. :o)


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