Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Welcome to the Happy Achievers' Club

Well. There we go then for another year. Never wanted the stupid thing anyway.

Thank you to those of you who nominated this blog for a 2011 Weblog Award. You are all good people, respectful to animals, politically wise, sweet-smelling and earthily attractive to everyone you encounter. However, I'm afraid your efforts have been in vain.

The finalists have been announced and I am sorry to tell you that they are Lardless. I shouldn't be surprised, to be honest. The nomination phase relied on getting lots of people to, well, nominate. Which is a whole lot easier of you have several thousand visitors every day.

I do not have several thousand visitors every day. If you are reading this you can consider yourself a member of a very limited club. A bit like the Illuminati but with less Latin.

I thought we might have been in with a chance in the Best-Kept Secret category, but I think I've been doing too good a job of keeping things secret. Oh, the irony.

This is the part where you expect me to make bitchy comments about the finalists, but maddeningly they seem to be pretty good. Well, apart from the Hollyoaks one, but each to their own, I suppose.

Oh well. To paraphrase one of my heroes, all I ask is a chance to prove that success won't change me.

1 comment:

Bev Sykes said...

I have the solution for you. Change your name to Pioneer Woman and you're in like Flynn.


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