Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Roll of honour

One of the great things about having a blog is that it makes you look at a lot of other people's writing. One of the bad things is that it makes you realise how much better other people are at it than you. But there's always going to be rain on your wedding day, I suppose.

There are witty erudite folks all over the world, spending hours crafting great entries about life and art, or just talking about what's happening with them. At least I hope they're taking hours on each post and not just being spontaneously great. That would be a little too much to bear. I have to sweat at being average, quite frankly.

There's a 'Next Blog' button up there ^^^^^^ that you can press and it takes you to a random blog somewhere in the world. Be warned, though. By random, I mean random. There will be blogs written by over-excited nu-metal fans, Japanese schoolgirls (a lot of Japanese schoolgirls actually), evangelicals, Goths, multi-level marketeers and odd languages that look like Welsh with tonsillitis. And some pornography. Quite a lot of pornography.

So, I think it's a lot easier if I recommend a few. Go, have a look. You'll laugh, you may cry, milk may come out of your nose for all I know.

Brum Blog is about the wonderful city of Birmingham, second city of this land (get back in your place, Manchester).

The unpronounceable qwghlm is updated rarely but always worth a look when it is.

Random Acts of Reality
is a well-known blog about a London Paramedic. Dramatic. Although he's on holiday in the US as I write this, so probably dealing with rather less vomit than normal.

On that note, I'm delighted to recommend some blogs from 'over there'. For some reason, I have some Americanites* reading here. Hello. Sorry about Simon Cowell. He's not really one of ours. Anyway. Go and see what's happening in Palinode's Palace, go see Schmutzie, and knock yourself out over Rebecca and Mathew at Yes, that Rebecca, the one who can riff about the personality defects of mountain ranges and why progressive rock is fattening.

Hello too, to Dean the Francophile and a tip o' the hat to Catherine, who was brave enough to start a weight-loss blog, and even braver than me so far in that she's kept it pretty much on-topic.

There are loads more, and I will put together a blogroll at some point. That's the list of other blogs you sometimes find over there on the blogs of people who know what they're doing-------->

But go have a look. And if you like what you see on someone's blog, post a comment there. That applies here, too, by the way.


Rebecca gently reminded me after I posted this that Palinode and Schmutzie are, in fact Canadian, not American. I am an idiot. But it means they both get an extra link each.


Rebecca said...



Btw, you are aware that Palinode and Schmutzie are Canadian? It may not seem like much of a difference to those outside North America, but trust me...calling Canadians American? Them's fightin' words over here.

Tom said...

I totally understand that. Just reading Erin at Out of Character makes me realize that I'll probably never achieve that level of literacy...or humor. Or once in a while I write something that makes me snicker a little and then I go read my wife's writing and go hide in the basement. But to my credit, I do keep writing.
On a different subject, while I'm the thin man still waiting to make it to overweight, I also can't imagine a good reason to walk unless the car or motorcycle has broken down.

Dean said...

I am honoured to be included in the Roll of Honour... thank you.

It is amazing the level of talent there is on the Internet today. Amazingly high or amazingly low, depending on what you are looking at.

I am continually humbled in my artistic endeavours but am buoyed by support from friends and family and the occasional nice comment by someone else. I know that every once in a great while I produce a photo that is beyond "nice snapshot" but still far, far below some of the greatness that I see every day.

I take hope in that someday, with practice and no small degree of luck that I too will be able to produce good work on a consistent basis. The key is to keep trying, keep working and always have fun with it.

Catherine said...

Thank you for including me in your Honor Roll. There is some great writing talent out on the web including yourself.

Hopefully with practice my words will become that interesting!

fatboyfat said...

Rebecca: Oh blimey.

I'll have to remove my foot from my mouth, I think. That's a little like calling Scots English.

palinode said...

Or it's like calling Kiwis Australian.

fatboyfat said...

Now I'm feeling bad.

Schmutzie said...

Aw yes, thank you for the update. I can unball my fists again.


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