Tuesday, 21 August 2007

You can't beat a bit of feedback

Picture the scene.

It is a few minutes to 9 am. I'm rushing into the office, having been delayed by insane (and previously unannounced) roadworks on the way to the motorway, then a tanker fire (I kid you not) on the motorway itself.

Just a side issue here, folks, and call me the Health and Safety Nazi if you will. But when there's a tanker on fire - on fire as in VISIBLE FLAMES AND BILLOWING BLACK SMOKE - on the hard shoulder of the motorway, and it's got one of those "Caution - flammable" warning signs on the back, is just closing off the one inside lane really going to do any good? I mean, I'm grateful for the chance to continue my journey, but I had a morbid curiosity as to what would happen to anyone still passing by when it made the switch from merely "on fire" to "exploding".

Or maybe I'm just being fussy.

So, anyway, having made it through the chaos, I'm striding purposefully to my desk when my phone beeps. I have a text. What could this possibly be?


I think it's fair to surmise that my wife has now read this blog.


Rebecca said...

Katie! It was all innocent fun! I promise, we'll return the llama just as soon as Phil has cleaned up the chocolate syrup and wrapped the remaining Canadian bacon.

fatboyfat said...

And I'll tell anyone who's listening - getting chocolate syrup out of llama fur is no laughing matter.

They don't sell the exact Stain Devil for that situation in my local Asda - I had to make do with the "Treacle on Antelope" line.

Rebecca said...

Lord, that stuff never works right on anything other than the common ungulate. I shudder to think what might have happened if you bought a bottle of "Yak-B-Gone".

fatboyfat said...

We're pretty safe there.

Someone discovered that one of the active ingredients in "Yak-B-Gone" was Polonium-210, so those Health & Safety wussies demanded that it was pulled from sale.


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