Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Shaddapa ya Facebook

Talking to my neighbour Matt at the weekend he told me that he'd joined Facebook. I thought this was a little odd, as he doesn't strike me as being a 14-year old schoolgirl from Idaho.

Well, most of the time he doesn't, anyway.

But it turns out my prejudices were, well, pre-judged. By all accounts, real blokes, with responsible jobs and mortgages, go on Facebook too. "It's like Friends Reunited," Matt said. "But much better." I was still a little uncertain, to be honest. It's not for 37-year olds, surely?

The only time you get people my age joining up for things like Facebook, MySpace or Bebo are when they're journalists writing about the "Web 2.0 social networking phenomenon, and how even 'us oldies' can get something out of it." They join up, tell their readers they've joined up, et Viola, they have 240 contacts by the end of the day.

Most of whom are their readers, who'll do anything to have a named hack in their friends list.

With a degree of cynicism I joined up the other night. Loads of depressingly perky twenty-somethings abounded. Positively acres of people with wilfully meaningful facial hair. And pretty much no-one I actually know.

I forgot to mention that Matt is also in his twenties, too. So of course he'll get something out of it. He's not even remotely nearing old-fartness yet. So, apart from some family members, the only person I've found on there so far is Matt.

I've not added him to my friends list, yet. It seems a little odd to join a Social Networking site so I can make contact with someone who lives next door. We share a party wall. Surely I can just knock on that instead?

How very Web 2.0.

(ps - if any of you would like to add me to your friends list.....)

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