Sunday, 27 April 2008

Like "The Ring", only worse. And real.

Please don't say I haven't given you enough warning.

If you click the link I'm about to put here, you can't sue me for the psychological or emotional trauma you will undoubtedly suffer.

OK, here we go.

This is just plain wrong.

Christ on a bike, my poor retinas. I'm minded to gauge my eyes out with the spoon I keep handy for just such purposes.

And the comment underneath:

"I feel so naughty dressed up with my whip in my hand. I immediately felt so in

isn't exactly helping, either.

That's going to replace the giant one-eyed Sanskrit-speaking squirrel in all of my nightmares from now on.


Rebecca said...

All that picture did was make me crave a burrito. Nice work, Mistress Gillian!

Le laquet said...

Ach a fi!!! You could have warned us a bit more strenously, I'd just eaten.


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