Friday, 11 April 2008

Quite shameless levels of self-promotion


I am away for a week. So. Can I trust you all to not invite strangers back here and hold wild parties while I'm away? And keep the volume down, please. Last time I was away, the neighbours complained about someone playing the Kids from Fame soundtrack at maximum volume. Apparently, they weren't too keen on hearing 'Hi-Fidelity' at 2.00am on a school night. And I have to say, some of those marks on the sofa - they just don't make a Stain Devil that'll shift those.

So behave yourselves, you hear?

We're going to spend a week in west Wales. I'm hoping to find some of this 'rest' that's all the rage these days. You never know. For one thing, I'd like to clear my head a little so I can get back to writing about a wider range of things again. Quite frankly, there's been a little too much of 'bloke does stuff' and not enough 'an antelope walks into a mobile library and asks whether they've got any Hunter S Thompson' malarkey going on in here.

To remind you of the Good Times, when I didn't have the sensible filter, below are some choice things for you to look at. If you weren't here for the last 150-odd posts, go and look. Here is your brain on Redbush tea. If you have read them before, then, well, read them again, why don't you?

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City Girl said...

Right. I finally make it back and you leave. ::sniff::


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