Friday, 4 April 2008

Mutually Assured Retail Destruction

We're in the period between birthdays - Katie's was yesterday and mine is tomorrow - when we take a breather and wonder who's going to win the "I clearly love you more because I got you more stuff" award. Shallow, us?

I'm hoping that I did well - various items of a jewellery and smelly-based nature were winging there way to Katie yesterday. And as I was in London on a seminar I made a detour to Selfridges to pick up a little something extra.  She does deserve it - after all she has to put with me.

Not that I'm competitive or anything. But beat that, significant other. Hah!


Rebecca said...

Jewelry and smelly stuff, eh? Let me guess: you bought Katie a pair of handcuffs and a wedge of Stilton.

fatboyfat said...

Everyone's got to have a hobby...


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