Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Just when things were slowing down

Some people are doing the whole NaBloPomo 'write a new blog post every single day for a month' thing this month. Last November I managed to do this and found it seriously difficult. Not just the inspiration thing - although that's hard enough - but even making sure I set aside a little time each day to sit down and write something (anything!) was a trial.

In any case, from the 15th we're away in France until the end of the month, so there's no way I could have joined in the fun. We're going to be in the middle of rural Brittany, nowhere near Messrs Wi and Fi. And you think Katie's letting me take the laptop away with me? Well. You'd be wrong. I'm allowed a notebook (and I'm from the generation where the word 'notebook' doesn't mean 'very small laptop computer') and that's it.

And just when I'm appearing to be having difficulty with one blog, I've picked up another. It's a long story, but I've been asked to document something quite mad and scary. Someone said, "You do this blogging malarkey, don't you? Fancy doing one for us?" You're quite welcome to go and have a look, but bear in mind it's at its very early stages right now. Play nice.


Lisa said...

And here's me thinking how piss easy it is...course, we're only 2 days into the month haha. (Thanks for the link *mwah*)

You need Leilani on your team...she's a rocket on a bike lol. I don't think there are any girls in your team are there? ARE there any girls on that team, and if not, why not? Why are you not letting girls play? Does Katie know yet?

the wife said...

Yes I do know, and am relishing the thought of a few days to myself, and maybe having the girlies over for a few glasses of vino.
I happen to know some of the chaps that are taking part in the cycling thing. Methinks a few oxygen tanks and some barrels of beer may be required!

Le laquet said...

But hey ... 15 days in rural Brittany, between the crepes, the cider and the standing stones you wont even miss the laptop.

And Katie ... the luxury of a husband-free long weekend *sighs* can I send mine along too please, he's got a bike!

Lisa said...

Katie, I used to love having that free time all to myself back in the day...when I used to have a husband that is. Hell I couldn't wait to get rid of him! haha (no offence to your lovely man) In retrospect, perhaps they'll need your nuturing skills to help and support them on their journey? Or we could just send Leilani, she'll whip 'em into ship el pronto lol.

Your mates and the vino sounds a much nicer option I have to admit lol

the wife said...

Hi Lisa! Of course, I would always choose the nicer option. Himself is actually away the weekend before for a family gathering in Ireland, so that's 2 hubster free weekends. I don't mind, as long as I get an extremely expensive present back from each weekend (and no hubby dear, free hotel toiletries don't count!).
Anyhoo, think I'd better stop using FBF's blog as a chat room, he might start getting upset that we're ignoring him!


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