Wednesday, 2 July 2008

This is what passes for excitement

A Saturday, early afternoon. We're driving back home from somewhere. We pass a row of shops. Katie turns to me:

Katie: "Do you remember that ironing board we once had?"
Me: "What?"
Katie: "That ironing board. You know. I think you picked it up from from Argos."
Me: "The Greek God of Queuing? I suppose it's possible. Can't say I recall it, though."
Katie: "Yes you do. It was too small, remember? You could just about get a sleeve on at a time. We had to go straight out and get another one."
Me: "I suspect I've cast this tragedy from my mind, but if you say it happened, it happened I guess."
Katie: "Well, it did."
Me: "OK, if you say so."
Katie: "It did."
Me: "What brought that recollection on anyway?"
Katie: "We'd just driven past a hardware shop. It had ironing boards outside."
Me: "Like the bonsai one I apparently purchased in a moment of retail madness?"
Katie (looking at me like I'm an idiot): "No."
Me (suitably chastened): "I see."
Katie: "I was just reminded. That's all."
Me: "Tell me this. Is it at all possible we've just passed the Banality Event Horizon?"

Silence ensues.


Le laquet said...

Ah Argos ... the best place for ironing boards BUT you then have to walk through Lakeside back to the car with it under your arm with people singing the Hawaii Five-O theme tune at you as they pass

Lisa said...

Jo, I woulda thought that's the best of owning an ironing board myself lol


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