Wednesday, 29 October 2008

In one word

Award winning.

Yes, I'm well aware that's two words. But I (or rather this blog) has received an award. I know. I was surprised, too. Given my parlous attempts at ramping up site traffic, it's nothing short of miraculous - there are secret MI5 files that have a wider readership than this, some days.

Anyway, one of the favoured few that reads this also inhabits the Uberworld that is Chez le Laquet. And apparently I make her "laugh out loud", too. She's a teacher, is Jo, so you have to listen to what she says or else you'll get a blackboard rubber thrown at the back of your head.

And I'm here to tell you, that hurts.

So Jo awarded me the 'I heart your blog' Award, hence:

I'm not going to argue with a teacher about the use of a noun where a verb would otherwise go. I haven't seen the inside of a classroom for twenty years. I suppose I should be glad no-one's telling me they spleen my blog.

Part of the deal is that I have to complete a one-word meme. Everything answered with just one word. And those of you who've stuck with me over the last year or so will know how I tend towards the economical with my words. Hmm. So here goes:

Where is your mobile phone? pocket
Where is your significant other? sofa
Your hair colour? greying
Your mother? excitable
Your father? bookish
Your favourite thing? words
Your dream last night? indescribable
Your dream goal? security
The room you're in? messy
Your hobby? this
Your fear? salad
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Solva
Where were you last night? here
What you're not? decisive
One of your wish-list items? iMac
Where you grew up? Birmingham
The last thing you did? washing
What are you wearing? jeans
Your TV? on
Your pets? bipolar
Your computer? overheating
Your mood? hopeful
Missing someone? nope
Your car? borrowed
Something you're not wearing? hotpants
Favourite shop? Waterstones
Your summer? French
Love someone? yes
Your favourite colour? blue
When is the last time you laughed? today
When is the last time you cried? forgotten

In a viral spread-the-love kind of style, I'm passing this on (not that the words "viral", "spread" and "love" really belong in the same sentence). So the award goes from me to Lisa, who never holds back. Dory, who makes Lisa look shy and retiring. And Country Girl/City Girl, who have that whole "I know how to use a Blackberry but I could probably deliver a calf if I needed to" vibe going on. Dory and CG/CG are American, so quite frankly they'll be glad of the distraction right now.


Anonymous said...

Whooo Hooooooooo!

I will feed it and pet it and...

Oh, my. It seems ta not be movin'. Ah've squashed it.

Kin Ah have another?

Le laquet said...

Well done BUT it's an interactive whiteboard duster these days matey and they're lighter and not so painful - hence the downward spiral in behaviour in schools.

Tom said...

I've felt the need to tell you fro some time now; I pancreas your blog.

City Girl said...

I would tonsil your blog, but I had them removed at age 7. Tragic loss....

And THANKS for the meme! Keep them coming as we'll be desperate for soemthing to write about come Saturday - NaBloPoMo is upon is!

Lisa said...

I must look deeper into this NaBloMoJoPoJo thing...maybe I should have another go at the daily thing? God knows I could do with some pressure haha.

Thanks for the pimp sweetpea *smooch*...I shall take the weekend to get my one worded bits together and post forthwith! One word huh? Hm. Oh well, a challenge is a challenge. And btw, I heart your blog too *grope*


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