Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Self awareness

This evening I watched a fantastic sunset.

The sun, a golden orb, settled low down on the horizon. Streaks of clouds stretched across, like wispy quartz backdropped against the heavens.

The sky was a deep azure, fading to a deep velveteen black.

A flock of geese swung across the sky, almost as if in awe of the backdrop themselves. There was a silence that was magnificent in its profundity.

I settled back and regarded this majesty unfolding before me. The best free show on the planet.

And I thought to myself, "How insignificant I am."

Mind you, I thought that yesterday too, and it was raining.


Tom said...

I think that everyday and I keep my eyes closed. Tightly. In the corner with my knees up to my chin.

Anonymous said...

And then I throw a Xanax under the door and he comes out eventually. But with his eyes still squeezed closed.

Seriously-- gorgeous imagery.


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