Saturday, 9 May 2009

Yeah, like what she just said

The more fervent Make Lard History followers will have noticed a disturbing drop-off on the posting quantity (and quality, let's be brutal) of late.

It's true. I have been visited by the writers' block fairy. Instead of taking away a molar in exchange for a nice shiny bit of hard currency, this particular existential creature takes away all your desire, willingness or ability to write sparking prose.

And you don't even get 20p in return. Bummer.

Anyway, the muse hasn't yet returned. But it's good to know I'm not alone. My friend Dory also writes a blog, and she's been suffering too. However, she appears to have got it back. You have to read her account of how it happened.

But be warned. She's officially as Mad as a Badger.


Anonymous said...

AWWWwwwWWWwww! You're the bestestest!

City Girl said...

....which is why we love her!


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