Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cause and effect

And on the evening of the fifth day there was a meal. The man of the house did look upon the food and saw that it was a red lentil dhal, curried and hot. And it was good.

He did not say: "Woman, pray where is the meat?" for he was a wise man.

The woman did say unto him: "Do you believe that this meal, wonderful as it is to mine eyes, could have Effects on the morrow?"

"Be not afraid," said the man. For he was a man, and not afraid of Effects.

And lo, the following day did dawn bright and cold. The man and the woman did indeed suffer the Effects. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The man went to his work, still feeling the Effects. They did come, verily, at a rate of knots. He was Effecting all around his place of work. He travelled to Mark's desk and Effected.

Mark wept.

Late in the day the man did receive a message from the woman. "The Effects are upon me. And also those here and around."

"Yea and verily," he did reply. "I fear it is like Gomorrah here. And Sodom."

And she did agree. After a little Effect.

Brothers and sisters, be wary of food from the East. For it can make you a source of Effects.

Here endeth the lesson. And pardon me.

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Brandy Rose said...

The Biblically written word adds epic-ness to this post. Awesome. (And yes, biblically is a word, just trust me on it...)


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