Sunday, 1 January 2012

Start as you mean to go on

Yesterday we spent a considerable amount of the day in the car, going to one end of the country on a Haribo high. Yes people, that's how we roll. Welcome to Cornwall.

Last night we saw 2012 in with some rather nice Champagne. Happy New Year. And cheers.

As you read this I am relaxing. I am so laid back as to be practically horizontal. We're in a small cottage with thick walls to protect us from the worst of the Cornish weather. Hunkering on down, that's our plan for the next week. We have books, we have music, we have deeply, deeply unhealthy food. Marmite features quite heavily. As does Nutella. But not at the same time. I have the draft of a novel to edit. Oh yes. It does not get better than this.

We're a few miles away from Looe, which, by all accounts, is lovely. In the week I fully intend to go into town and get some Cornish pasties.

Or, as they call them here, pasties.

I'm sorry to be so self-indulgent. No, sod it, I'm not. After a rather strenuous and stressful few months, I'm looking forward to this.

See you all in a week.

(This post comes in recognition of Positive Upload Day. Spread the word.)

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