Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Bunker mentality

With the news that Military Intelligence (now there's a contradiction in terms if ever I heard one) studied Hitler's stars during World War 2, to try and second-guess his next move, amazingly I've found a fragment of the Berliner Kurier horoscope pages for Monday 30th April 1945.

"....plenty of opportunities to try out your Russian. Staying in might be a good idea towards the end of the week.

Aries - Ever had one of those days when it seems everyone wants a piece of you? Try and resist if you can, and aim for some 'me-time' instead. Personal space is important today. Love is in the air - are you about to formalise a relationship with a significant other? Now might be the time to commit, before it's too late. However, with Mercury in your fourth house, you might be starting to regret some earlier career choices.

Now is not the time to start any new projects. Unless any of those projects involve being in a ditch. On fire.

International travel is not indicated. Probably for the best, all things being considered.

Taurus - You can't get away from the feeling you're being surrounded......"

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City Girl said...

Very clever, Fab Boy. :o)


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