Thursday, 20 March 2008

Great Friday

So tomorrow, being a Bank Holiday, means no work for Katie and me. In order to mark this, it is required that we do certain things.

In the morning we're getting in a car with two close friends and belting down the M40 to London. The "belting" is a bit ambitious, I'll admit. It's Easter weekend, after all. We will, without doubt, be stuck behind Polish lorries and people pulling caravans behind Volvos. Probably whilst wearing hats.

The caravan pullers, not us.

When we eventually reach our blessed capital, we'll be parking up at a very nice hotel. And then, in the early evening, we're going to see Spamalot. Because if I'm going to experience silliness, it must be raised to the level of an art form.

The default beer and unhealthy food shall follow.

That is all.


City Girl said...

Let's's 9:03 there now so you're probably mid-point in Spamalot and laughing your Fab arse off.

Hubster and I saw Spamalot in NY last February and I'm STILL laughing.

Le laquet said...

Oh I didn't see/hear the traffic on Friday - hope you made it and enjoyed it and the beer/unhealthy food combo.

Le laquet said...

p.s. Umm, I have tagged you for a meme - fear ye not, only a little involved in fact only 6 tiny words - see right here.


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