Saturday, 29 March 2008

This might be....interesting

I've deliberately not mentioned this subject recently, because (a) much of it has been up in the air, and (b) I tend not to write about work-related matters.

But Katie, or rather, the company that employs her, has been undergoing what I think can politely be called 'interesting times' in recent months. Nothing overly wrong with them as such, it's just as Spike Milligan once said, "there's a lot of it about".

So, as a result, the people who used to employ her, as of yesterday, don't. In fact, she's had a week or so of gardening leave, which we will forever more refer to as 'having tremendous lie-ins and then watching Countdown' leave.

But all of this changes soon. You see, Katie and I work in the same industry, sort of. And there were vacancies at my place. So, the people who employ me will, from Monday, also be the people who employ Katie. I should state here that I did nothing other than handing in her CV - I am but a small cog myself and any string-pulling is out of the question. Plus, she got the job on her own merits - not an easy thing to do as they are very picky (I must have slipped in under the radar).

For the sake of our own sanity (and the corporate stability of the organisation in question) we will not be working in the same building. In fact, it's highly unlikely we'll come into too much contact during the course of a normal working day. But it does mean the commute will now be a shared experience. There will be an extra hour and a half in each other's company.

Of course, I'm looking forward to this immensely. We've experienced almost 10 years of marital blitz bliss so why wouldn't I want to spend more time with my wife? There is the nagging doubt at the back of mind that the very reason for our happiness is the time spent away from each other, but I'll file that under H for 'Hoping Katie doesn't read this bit'.

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