Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank holiday Monday musings

Why exactly are these odd public holidays referred to as Bank holidays?

(Goes to Wikipedia to find out).

Oh. That makes sense, I suppose.

At this precise moment, all senses are fully employed in the pursuit of bugger-all. The strains of Snow Patrol are barely audible from the iPod in the corner. We're enjoying a wondrous welsh cider. Or two. A lunch of various cheeses has just been taken.

The foot-square fruit cake Katie's making for our friend's 50th birthday is two hours into its five and a half hours cooking time. And the house is fraganced with fruit, spices and brandy. There are worse things I could be smelling right now, I suppose.

The sun is almost out and the sky is almost blue. I have a shortened working week in front of me. One thing for certain, I'm way less grumpy than I was on Friday. (Sorry about that, by the way).

And I've been given quite an exciting project to do. It's something I've never done before, and I'm looking forward to it. It will be hard work, a challenge, and won't be at all financially rewarding. Mike asked me whether I was interested in doing it before we went away, and I've spent the time since then coming up with some preliminary ideas. I got a good reception when I pitched these ideas on Saturday, so now I've got to knuckle down and get started properly. But, oh boy, it's quite a thrill.

What is is? Well, I guess I'm leading with the chin here, but if enough people ask me (that's what the 'comment' link below is about, you know) I might be persuaded to stop being so coy.

The rest is up to you. Get a little interactive, why don't you?


the wife said...

Oh, go on then, even though I already know. No-one else has taken the bait. Dear husband, please share with us your exciting challenge.

fatboyfat said...

You see, there's no patience on display these days.

We need to wait a day or so for people to be pleading with me to tell them...

City Girl said...

Is this where I pledge money for orphans and widows? I'd like to give $20, please.

Oh, c'mon...pleeeeaaassee won't you share your news? Pretty please? With Stilton on top?

Signed, An Adoring Fan

(oh, crap, my name is automatically inserted. damn)

Le laquet said...

You made your wife beg for us, because the rest of us were too busy sitting outside under the great big golden yellow sphere* that we now won't see again until 2010??? That's class!

So, what is it? This thing that's made you all perky and thrilled? Pleases? *brings out wheedliest of wheedly Welsh accents* Oh go-on tell us 'cos we's gagging to know!!

* Who know global warming would be so wet and miserable??

Anonymous said...

'why don't you' do something less boring instead!. I hated that programme, stupid over zealous know it alls.
Go on then, what's the big secret?

fatboyfat said...

CG - how much of a widow do you get for $20 these days?

Jo - there is no way. And I mean. No. Way. That I could get SheWhoMustBeObeyed to do anything. The only begging in which she indulges involved shoes and handbags as an end point.

Melissa: I always thought "Why Don't You" was self-defeating as far as TV shows went.

"Why don't you switch off your TV and do something else instead?" went the theme tune.

"Oh, OK then," replied a nation of kids - including me - in the 70s.


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