Sunday, 18 May 2008

Inner confusion and cause useless

As seen on the instructions for one of these wind-up torch doohickeys:

It does not need dry battery for it is handle generate electricity.

OK - I think we get your drift here.

For it has illuminate diode, so it is suitable for urgent illuminate at night.

Almost a haiku, that first bit. And the 'urgent illuminate' point is very well made. Rarely if ever can I get away with booking illumination in advance. Especially at night-time.

It is a kind of small articles with convenient schlep and storage.

And if you don't understand that, you're just a schmuck. But then it gets a bit (more) odd.

If this product strike seriously will result in inner confusion and cause useless.

Whoa there. Whilst there's something to be said for a little sturm und drang in any lifetime, I tend to shy away from inner confusion if I can. Seriously.

In the course of use, even if the light is dark, rotate the handle can make it light again.

That pesky dark light gets everywhere. But at least with a mere rotate or two we can reverse the trend. Or so it would seem.

This product is not leakage-proof or waterproof, so do not use the machine in the place with water or operate the machine with damp water.

Does Portsmouth count as a place with water? Weston-super-Mare is probably quite safe, as you can spend a fortnight there and never see the sea. So I guess I'd be OK to use it there when that old Weston light starts darkening. And if I can find some dry water, as opposed to the damp water mentioned in the instructions, everything should be hunky-dory, right?

Prohibit to elongate the handle charge connection line, it is the reason of damage for product and charge connection line.

Seriously, I have no idea.


City Girl said...

"convenient schlep" - clearly this copy was written by someone named Huang Goldstein.

fatboyfat said...

You just can't get decent gefilte fish in downtown Beijing these days.


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