Saturday, 28 July 2007

Four weeks in

Here we go again.

Once again I'm rushing to weigh myself, just before dashing out of the door for a busy weekend. This time, it's the long-awaited wedding of Mike and Emma. This has been a great test of the whole weight-loss regime, actually. Several stag-night related events in the last few weeks, being around the house whilst Katie makes a huge amount of cake, and now the wedding weekend itself.

We're lucky enough to have been invited to the whole thing - I'm actually Master of Ceremonies for the wedding breakfast and evening reception - so a certain amount of socialising is of course expected, with the potential for calorific collateral damage that might entail.

The diet books don't normally give you any advice on what to do in these circumstances, so we've decided to stop stressing about it and just step off the wagon for 48 hours.

Anyway, I'll update this blog with details afterwards. In the meantime:

That's another two pounds off. 11 pounds off since I started and another 17 to go. With nine weeks still to go, that's a pretty healthy progress.

Yes, I think I'm happy with that. I'm even more delighted that Katie, who's been following the same programme as me, has lost a stone so far. Perhaps people should be sponsoring her instead...

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Catherine said...

Awesome job! You will be able to make it through all the parties with great success.

Just remember to fill up on vegetables and low fat items. Plus two days is not going to ruin a lifetime.


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