Sunday, 15 July 2007

Two weeks in

It's that time of the week again.

I must admit, I wasn't looking forwards to this weigh-in. Perhaps the indulgences of last week would catch up with me. Plus I was on stage one of Mike's stag night on Friday, in which a certain degree of ale was involved. And we still haven't started doing any exercise yet.

In fact, this has 'potential disaster' written all over it.

So have a look at this:

Yes. 17 stone 6! That's another three pounds lost since last week. So I've so far lost half-a-flippin' stone! That's one cheap silver sticker if I was doing this on Weightwatchers.

I'm pretty chuffed (and somewhat amazed) by my progress so far. Must try to stop being complacent, as there's every chance I'll have slower weeks (or even worse) in the future. Apparently it's not unusual for the early weeks of a weight-loss programme to be more impressive, so I shouldn't get carried away. Lots of chances to fall off the wagon are coming up (more about these later).

(PS - to the colleague who commented on my 'choice of hosiery' in the previous weigh-in photos, I hope these socks are more satisfactory).


Dean said...

Congrats! Getting started is hard... keeping going is harder, though.

You've made the commitment and that is the main thing.

Mike Nicholas said...

How do we know its you? Take your socks off next time, your hairy toes and green nails will be all the authenticity we need.


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