Friday, 28 September 2007

And the rest

I did originally promise that I'd carry out a little exercise to help with the whole weightloss programme. Perhaps leaving it until the last week was a little late, but there you go.

Solva is in the right place for any number of great walks. Being on a valley floor, however, means that pretty much every walk has to be in the direction of "up". As a result, I had no problem in managing the "elevated heartbeat" part of exercise.

Here are some random highlights:

fatboyfat1970's Solva Autumn 2007 photosetfatboyfat1970's Solva Autumn 2007 photoset

Follow the link to see more. I'm no photographer, so be kind.


Rebecca said...

It did look like a lovely place to take lots of walks. Did Katie enjoy herself?

fatboyfat said...

Thank you, it is.

Katie didn't exactly share my enthusiasm for the walking, but she did enjoy catching up on her reading whilst reclining on a sofa.

And the seafood was to die for, so that made her happy, too!


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