Thursday, 27 September 2007

When it all goes horribly wrong

Of course, it's perfectly possible to eat well and healthily, even when on holiday. And so far we've done pretty well. Until last night.

We went to the Old Pharmacy. Food was consumed. Quite a bit, actually. And wine. Several bottles, in fact. Martin, the owner, introduced me to Grappa.

Blimey, the tiramisu. I'd forgotten that.

Well, at least we didn't compound the issue by going over the road to the Cambrian Inn for a few more drinks, which turned into a LOT more drinks, before getting back to the cottage at Oh My God O'clock.

Oh. We did, didn't we?

That explains a lot. Mind you, the neighbours aren't helping right now - they appear to be holding the International Clog Dancing Championship. And these cottages don't exactly have thick, soundproofed walls. My head feels like there's a Frenchman living in it (thank you Blackadder).

Not really looking forwards to the next weigh-in, to be honest.

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