Sunday, 30 September 2007

Well then?

The game is up at midnight.

My three months are finishing. Well, the three months over which I'd planned to lose two stone in weight, anyway. So I'm sure those of you who've been following my progress are on the edge of your respective seats, benches, sofas, bean bags (can bean bags have "edges"?) to see how I've landed up.

Tomorrow morning I'll have my final weigh-in and take the picture into work - I suspect I won't have time to post anything here - I'm normally fast asleep until about 11am anyway so it would be garbage - but I'll update things here tomorrow evening.

Will I carry on writing here? Well, if you don't mind, I think I will. There will be fewer pictures of my feet on the scales, that's for sure. But in the last week or so, the hit counter on this site has exceeded 1,000. There's only so many times I can hit the 'Refresh' button, so this is telling me something. So the first thanks of this evening are to you. Please stick around, and don't be scared to leave comments - it means a lot.

I also want to thank all the people who've sponsored me, either through my JustGiving site or in person. The cause you're supporting is a good one - RNIB do a lot of work for blind and partially sighted adults and children across the UK. As well as direct support to individuals, the Institute campaigns on their behalf with both public and private institutions whilst raising everyone's awareness of the issues involved. I can't even begin to think what it would be like to lose the gift of sight - so support for the RNIB goes under A Very Good Thing in my book.

When all the funds come in, I expect to have exceeded my financial target. I don't think I'll have hit my weight loss objective, and that's a little sad, but the key aim for me was always to raise bucketloads of dosh for a good cause. Any weight loss was incidental.

Linked to this, thanks go to my employers, who are not only supporting my fundraising directly, they have allowed me to reach/embarrass myself in front of/pester 1,200 colleagues. I made a point at the beginning of this that I wouldn't mention them directly on this blog, but my thanks are genuine in any case. Not every company would be so accommodating.

My final thanks must go to Katie, who puts the "long-suffering" into the phrase "long-suffering wife". Every time I've bitched and moaned about food, exercise, or lack of progress, she's been there to tell me to stop acting like a prat. She's carried out a major revolution in our eating habits, which I know has meant far more work for her. I am constantly humbled by her and look forward to seeing where this new healthier lifestyle will lead us both. Thanks for everything, K.

Tune in tomorrow, same place, for the final weight update.


Rebecca said...

I'm glad to hear you'll continue blogging. I would hate to lose such a nice "Internet friend" to the vagaries of weight loss success.

Tom said...

I'm glad you're going to continue since I've found someone who writes for the right reasons, and then does a charity bit besides. Congrats on the fundraising AND the weight loss.

fatboyfat said...

Thank you both!


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