Saturday, 22 September 2007

Twelve weeks in

(Note to you, the reader. I'm posting this on Sunday 30th September, as we've been away on holiday for a week. To keep everything in the right chronological order, I've dated this and the next couple of posts as they actually happened. Hows that for honesty?)

Up with the lark to do the things we couldn't be bothered to do last night - like ironing, packing and making the place look vaguely respectable for Jackie from next door who'll be feeding the cat.

A quick step on the scales gives me this:

Excellent. A further reduction from last week and a 22-pound loss in all.

It is now that I have to say the two stone target is probably not going to be hit by the 1st October. Even if I wasn't spending a week on holiday, six pounds loss in a week would be going some. I think damage limitation might be the order of the day.

Without chips, of course.

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