Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Tara a bit

Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to go on holiday in the last week of my Weight Loss Challenge (tm).

Maybe a week of rest and relaxation, interspersed with beer and unsuitable food, would not be conducive to the whole "lose 28 pounds in three months" thing.

Better planning would mean I'd be doing this thing in a three month period when I don't have these sorts of distractions.

Nah. Sod it.

On Saturday we go off to Solva for a week. I'm well aware that I can sometimes be a little cynical in things that I write. But let me tell you right here and now. Solva is officially heaven on earth. I will brook no arguments on this matter.

I intend to try and be a little more responsible than in previous visits. However, there's a pretty rich variety of pubs and places to eat. My favourite restaurant on the planet is there. Not fussy, not posh, just the finest food I have ever eaten, in an informal setting with a Ska soundtrack. Trust me on this, I've eaten a lot, in case you hadn't noticed.

But this is the view I'll get when I nip out for a morning paper:

It doesn't get better than that.

After today I won't get a chance to post until we get back - we're out tomorrow and Friday evening and blogging in working hours isn't really a good move (especially as my boss reads this - hi Richard)! Hence the suspension in posts until I get back. Think of me mid-afternoon on Saturday. I'll be outside the Harbour Inn with my good friend Reverend James, happy as a sandboy.

If you think I'm taking this laptop with me, forget it. I calculate I spend most of my working hours with QWERTY and his friends. And when I get home, what do I do? More of the same. I must be mad. I'm pretty much tired out now. Perhaps by about Wednesday I'll be having withdrawal symptoms, but at this moment in time I need a rest.

We'll be back on the 29th. Put a note in your diaries, why don't you?


Rebecca said...

Glad to see you're getting out of the office on the outskirts of that East Midlands post-industrial city every once in a while!

Not that it's a terrible office. Hi Richard!

Too_Lively said...

OMG, NO I couldn't pass up a trip like that if my life depended on it. Have a wonderful time!


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