Thursday, 17 January 2008

Blimey O'Riley

I am occasionally aware that the TV is on. I will look up from whatever I'm doing and it will be there, like a one-eyed demon. A malformed demon, clearly; with a square head, no limbs, and one multicoloured, freaky eye. But a demon, nevertheless.

Katie has taken to watching CSI: New York. Apparently there are quite a few different shows in the CSI canon - let me tell you, I can't wait for CSI: Abergavenny to come about. Anyway, until then we have to do with the Big Apple version, mainly because we've been there a few times but also because there's some chap called Carmine on there, the sight of whom makes Katie come all over all unnecessary.

In between cries of, "Oooh, look behind that corpse, didn't we buy knishes there?" or "Isn't that Saks, past that pool of bodily fluids?" I've been able to discern a plot of sorts. I'll be honest, there doesn't seem to be too much variation from episode to episode.

Gary Sinise is cast as Grumpy Bloke. He spends his time growling, mainly at Carmine and some other chap who looks like he's been introduced intimately to a broom handle. Grumpy Bloke doesn't smile, I've noticed.

Then there's Ringlet Woman, who wears a vest - she'll take off her jacket to show this every third episode. Strange Coroner with those glasses that split in half - that's his only trick - and Scientific Guy who will solve the crime with one atom of evidence so they can pull in some scrote and bang him up for life.

But for me, the highpoint was always the theme tune - The Who's Baba O'Riley. It is an excellent tune, even if we only get a few seconds of it. But what's this? The latest season is now showing, and they've gone and farted about with it. The power chords are subjugated and there's what sounds like (shudder) a drum machine of some sort. Wrong. On many levels.

Hear that high-pitched whirring noise? That's Messrs Moon and Entwistle spinning in their graves.


Rebecca said...

I've always wondered: how do our crime dramas play in our countries? Do they make us look like a bunch of maniacs? And just how cute is this Carmine, Katie?

City Girl said...

Carmine, eh?

Have never watched one episode of the CSI franchise, but may sneak a peek next week. Gordon Ramsay is getting old. I need fresh meat.

Thanks for the tip!

Kate said...

I'm a big CSI fan, although I've gone off Miami as David Caruso is becoming too much of a caricature.

I'm not sure if I like the music change yet...will have to watch plenty more to judge it.

I agree wholeheartedly with Katie, Carmine is delicious...

fatboyfat said...

rebecca - As far as American programmes go, we only really watch this and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Oh, and the Simpsons, of course, which is universal. I'm not sure we're getting a balanced picture of the US, somehow.

And I've been challenged by She Who Must Be Obeyed - I must somehow get a signed photo of Mr Giovinazzo. She has to get one of Kristina Lenko in return, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I detest CSI NY. Gary Sinise needs to be bitch slapped. David Caruso needs to be hit with a slimy 2x4 and make sure those friggin sunglasses get shattered.

p.s. Oh, and I might be a tad PMS-y.

fatboyfat said...

Hmmm. Dory, why don't you tell us what you really think? No holding back, now!

the wife said...

Hi Rebecca!
Carmine is sex on a stick, although not as big a hunk of love as my husband, of course.

sexy said...



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