Monday, 7 January 2008

Random musings

Partly inspired by my attempts to find something to drive along to on my way to work, but mainly pinched wholesale from The Word Magazine, here is my Randomizer.

The rules are simple. Get your iPod or similar music player. Set it to "Shuffle" and write down the first five randomly-selected tracks it chooses. Apparently it tells people everything they need to know about you. And your dodgy tastes in music, by all accounts.

And no cheating. You cannot choose tracks that make you look cool and interesting.

Right, out of the 3,800-odd tracks on my ancient but serviceable 3rd generation iPod, what do we find?

1 Santana - Smooth

Damn. This could have been something off one of the more interesting seventies albums, not the later stuff where the Fugees would show up and Carlos was just phoning it in.

2 R.E.M - You

Album track off 'Monster', if I remember correctly. My jangly indie credentials are restored.

3 Thin Lizzy - Emerald

Ah. You see. Brother no.1 used to play Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Deep Purple and ACDC on the stereo at Sunday lunchtime when we all lived at home. I think it used to drive my parents nuts, despite my dad's protests of "No, I quite like this one. It's got a great tune" partway through an eight-minute Ritchie Blackmore solo. With the Lizzy, though, any band from Ireland was always going to have my mom on side.

4 The Stranglers - Golden Brown

January 1982. Immediately I'm in the metalwork room at King Edward VI Grammar School, trying to work a lathe. None of this health-and-safety stuff, neither. Eleven-year-olds with power tools? Get stuck in, you ponce.

And any lazy commentator who writes anything along the lines of "Golden Brown? That sounds a bit like Gordon Brown..." needs to be taken out and beaten with a length of two by four.

5 Massive Attack - Risingson

Coolness at last. I think. Although I suspect this one might be Katie's. Swings and roundabouts, though, she's put her Alexander O'Neal collection on there, and any one of those could just have easily emerged.

Right. Now it's your turn. You can comment with your random five tracks - yes, you lurkers, let's be hearing from you. Or those of you with blogs could put a post of your own together.

Go on, knock yourselves out.


tNb said...

Hello! First time reading your blog but already I think your writing style is super lovely (ya I know, NOBODY actually says super lovely).

I wrote about my moody iTunes on Saturday, but at the risk of being repetitive here are my random five:

* Bjork: Violently Happy
* Billie Holiday: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
* Supersuckers: Alone & Stinking
* Thievery Corp: A Warning (Dub)
* Edith Piaf: Mon L├ęgionnaire

I shudder to think what this says about me!

City Girl said...

This is the definition of schizophrenic:

Baby It's Cold Outside - James Taylor
Blue Moon - Sha Na Na
Stardust - Nat King Cole
Noche de Sexo - Aventura, et al
You're a Pink Toothbrush - Max Bygraves

I could explain the really odd picks, but that will ruin my mystique...

Rebecca said...

Oh, the Stranglers! I loved the Stranglers back in high school! Gosh, I haven't heard them in years...

Ahem. Anyway, I don't know if this counts, but there was only one CD in my home stereo system: Debussy's La Mer.

fatboyfat said...

tnb: Hello, welcome, sit down, put your feet up, make yourself at home. And as for your random music choice? Hmm. Interesting....

City Girl: Max Bygraves? No, really.

rebecca: If we're going to use the "what CD have we got sitting in the stereo" method, with me it's "In the Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson. Which is not good at all.

The Neighbour said...

We have compared music tastes in the past and i'm afraid I can't say your shuffle surprises me. So in the same vain, mine too is eminently predictable....;

1. "Classico" - Tenacious D from the album "The Pick of Destiny"

2. "Pretty Noose" - Soundgarden from the album "Down on the Upside"

3. "She's a Rebel" - Green Day from the album "American Idiot"

4. "Spawn Again" - Silverchair from the album "Neon Ballroom"

5. "Still" - Foo Fighters from the album "In Your Honour".

I'm well chuffed with that! 5 sounds randomly picked that nicely sum up my music taste. Rubbish to some....musical heaven to me!! Love the blog mate - it brightens up my evenings!


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