Sunday, 20 January 2008

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Is it possible to beat having the Sunday papers delivered, as far as treats go? Having had a second Christmas dinner last night, as compensation for Katie being poorly during the real one, rest and relaxation were the dual orders of the day today. And this meant newsprint. To the extreme.

I sat here this afternoon and evening, wading through pounds of printed matter. The main paper, the News Review, the Cultural bit, even the Business section. Having now read the colour supplements and their associated advertisements, I have two observations:

1) The Eagles are advertising a tour of the UK. I'm sure this is a Good Thing for their legion of fans, eager to see and hear some easy-going country-rock stylings. However, given that "tour" normally means "moving around a bit", surely spending four nights at the same venue, then leaving the country, is missing the point somewhat? Or have I missed something?

Memo to Mr Frey & Co: you may indeed prefer to "Take It Easy," but don't go playing fast-and-loose with the English Language.

2) The back page advert for a Swiss Military Diver's Watch enthralled me. Which particular branch of the military in this famously-landlocked country employs divers? And where would they, in fact, dive?

I ask again - have I missed something?

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City Girl said...

The Hubster and I saw the Eagles in Mississippi about eight years ago.

They were so old then that I was sure Joe Walsh was going to drop dead right before our eyes.

It is quite possible that, eight years further down the Old Road that they just are not able to travel around the country. Like, physically not able.

I'm fairly certain Glenn Frey is kept in a hyperbaric chamber to ensure freshness and Don Henley is at serious risk of breaking a hip every time he gets into or out of a car.

If my Gran played bass, I believe she'd rather stay put. ;o)


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