Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Worse than his bite

In recent news, scientists in Hungary have developed a computer program to determine the emotional state of dogs by listening to the various noises they make - their barks, growls, etc.

Ingenious. And about time, too.

"Growl, grrr, woof!" - "Chipper see ball."

"Yap, yap, grrr!" - "Chipper want food."

"Grr, yelp, rowf!" - "Chipper go outside now?"

"Grr, woof, woof, yip!" - "Every rational action must set before itself not only a principle, but also an end. Most ends are of a subjective kind, because they need only be pursued if they are in line with some particular hypothetical imperative that a person may choose to adopt. For an end to be objective, it would be categorically necessary that we pursue it."

Meh. Those German Shepherds are all the same.


Anonymous said...

I need this program. If for nothing but when Elli does Tell Me a Story.


City Girl said...

LOL. Only you could tie together a completely obscure technology and German Philosophy.

Pretty smart Shepherd, there.
My Labrador just says, "Eh?" and watches hockey.


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