Saturday, 13 October 2007

By the Rivers of Ossetia

It was one of those headlines that you think must be a spoof. Or a hoax. (To be honest, I've always had difficulty remembering the difference, a bit like "imply" and "infer". But I'm digressing here).

Anyway. It was this that made me sit up and take notice:

"Georgia has drafted in 1970s disco icons Boney M in its battle to regain control over the tiny separatist region of South Ossetia.

I had visions of the oddly-coiffured Euro-disco combo taking up the RPGs and going toe-to-toe with separatist rebels. I could see "Ma Baker" being touted as the next Georgian anthem.

Who next, I wondered?

Would we see Shalimar being brought in to aid the peace talks on the Korean peninsular, moonwalking across the DMZ?

Is there a place for Billy Ray Cyrus in the Middle East Peace Process?

Closer to home, what can Chas and Dave do for disaffected Muslim youth in our inner cities?

Bono? Radiohead? Coldplay? Pah. Part-timers, the lot of you.


Rebecca said...

I personally see Hot Chocolate taking a stand on intervention in Darfur. But then I'm a dreamer.

fatboyfat said...

I may say you're a dreamer.
But you're not the only one.

Hmmm. Wait a minute.....

Antonia said...

I loved this news story for its sheer baffling weirdness. Do you read Viz Comic? This sounds exactly like one of their cartoons. "Guys! I know! Let's hold a pop concert!" Brilliant.

fatboyfat said...

I must admit I had to check I hadn't clicked onto The Onion by accident.


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