Friday, 26 October 2007

Can I keep it up? You decide.


Bless you. I know, I felt the same when I first saw that rather random selection of letters. But there is some sense there. It stands for National Blog Posting Month. The basic idea is that for the month of November you commit to write and publish one blog posting. Every single day. Without fail.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? But bear in mind that since I started this, I have written:
  • June - 2 posts
  • July - 15 posts
  • August - 12 posts
  • September - 16 posts
  • October - 13 posts (so far).
So the thing is, I don't know if I want to commit to this. I think it might be a good discipline, having to think of something every day to write about. I did worry that the quality levels might fall. But then I looked back at the stuff I'd posted beforehand, and realised I was in quite a low place to begin with. And I don't mean the Dead Sea.

I tend to write and post in the evenings. And I know already that there are some evenings coming up in November when sitting on my sofa with an overheating laptop is the last thing I'm going to be able to do. So how I would be able to do this, I don't know. Especially as my boss reads this, so any posts with a time stamp that corresponds to "you should be doing some work right now you cheeky get", might cause some dodgy moments.


It might be fun to try. Imagine having to think something up every day and write something meaningful about it.

It'll be a challenge. I'm not doing the sponsored weight loss thing any more. Perhaps I need something else to concentrate the mind?

It'll give you, dear reader, a reason to come back here every day. Don't worry if today's post is crap - tomorrow's might be pure gold. Well, we live in hope.

But most importantly. I might win some jam.

What do you think?


Rebecca said...

Go for it. It doesn't have to be "meaningful", it just has to be you. Yes, you'll scrape the bottom of the proverbial barrel two weeks in, but you'll find yourself sharing so much more of your talent and your person than simply through random posts throughout any given month.

And even if you don't win my jam, there are lots of other lovely (potential) prizes. Last year, there was an oil painting of a male turkey in Jacobean costume I badly wanted for my home decor. I even had a name for him: Don Fernando.

fatboyfat said...

It would indeed take a heart of solid granite to say no to any fowl in period costume.

Anonymous said...

Must. Have. Jam.
You don't understand; raspberry is my absolutest favoritest jam in the world.
BTW - Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I just checked sitemeter and someone came to my house from your house!

Nancyrowina said...

I've just signed up for it too, it will be a challenge but my blog needs more input so this a good way to get motivated.


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