Sunday, 28 October 2007

It's all going to be my fault

Today, brother no 1 and his fiancee go down to Gatwick. Tomorrow they're flying to Las Vegas. And on Bonfire Night, 5th November, they're getting themselves well and truly hitched out there.

This is a good thing.

They've decided on doing it this way because neither of them want the "big wedding thing" which seems to be the fashion these days. This way, they get to do the deed, have their honeymoon at the same time, and not have the stage-management that goes with a full wedding ceremony.

This, also, is a good thing.

My parents are not up to the flight physically. Much as we'd like to, Katie and me, we can't make it either. But it means they don't have a huge entourage to deal with whilst they're out there. There will be a party on their return to these shores, but it's just a party with almost none of the wedding-y overtones.

This, and I can't even begin to quantify the extent, is bloody marvellous.

But. And however. This is the 21st century, and the chapel gives couples the option of having their wedding broadcast live over the Internet. An option that my brother has taken. What this means is that my parents now want to watch the ceremony.

This is not a good thing.

My parents are used to TV. Full colour, high(ish) definition TV. That doesn't stutter, skip or cut out unexpectedly. That doesn't pixellate. And, most importantly, comes to you 28 inches wide. And that's what they're going to expect, when I log in using this very same laptop, come the 5th. Windows Media Player is just a random jumble of words, as far as they're concerned.

You can see where this is going, can't you?


Tom said...

A great many mutterings, bitchings, and "Why is it doing that"ings I would guess.

I keep telling everyone I meet that is getting married to forego the big wedding and elope to Hawaii. It's beautiful, it's romantic, and again honeymoon and wedding at the same time. How could it get better? Besides, no arguments about who gets to sit next to whom. (That's the proper use of whom, is it not?)

Anonymous said...

TAG! You're it!


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