Monday, 15 October 2007

Can I have one called Bernard, please?

Today was the day when one of the TV channels on my satellite tuner changed name. In all honesty, this isn't normally anything worth writing about - typically when this happens they change from one garbled set of initials to another garbled set of initials.

"Welcome to UKGM-Food Plus1, the new home of TVUK-Cooking".

However, on this occasion things are somewhat different, as one of the UKTV channels has rebranded itself as:


If you don't believe me, look here. They've done this on the basis that "everyone knows someone called Dave."

Well, yes they do, I suppose. But I suspect that my cousin Dave doesn't transmit a range of comedy and panel shows.

I'm not sure whether this is the work of a genius or a maniac. But wouldn't you have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he pitched the idea to the channel bosses?


Too_Lively said...

I would watch it. I like surreal irreverence or whatever.

Rebecca said...

There's a radio format in the U.S. that's done that. It's Top 40 blah pop, and it calls itself "Jack". As if Jack would listen to pop. Jack's a Led Zep fan.

fatboyfat said...

Clearly, the people in charge don't know Jack.

Tom said...

The thing that I first thought was that everyone may know someone named Dave, but they also know about three Steves. Wouldn't that be better?

I would want one named Foster or "Eric's brother Myron". Yeah, nothing says hardcore like "Eric's brother Myron".


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