Sunday, 7 October 2007

Swing Low Sweet Chariot...again

Read the first sentence of my previous post. Then multiply by several hundred. I am, to use the current vernacular, seriously knackered. Although perhaps that should be "Cameroned".

It's not enough that Friday's Not a Stag Night involved low-grade chappy hedonism. Yesterday we were to travel to Leamington for a friend's wedding reception.

The original plan was that we would get up early enough to drive to Leamington - about an hour away - check into the hotel and find somewhere to watch England get heroically beaten by odds-on favourites Australia in the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup. Some light shopping (that was Katie's contribution) then onto the reception. Drinks, dancing, food. Carriages at 1.00am.

The actual plan was that I looked at my clock at about 11 in the morning and said "Sod it." We watched the rugby at home instead. And lo, a miracle came to pass.

I am not one to crow about sporting achievements. But I'd love to say hi to the Chief Exec of the Australian Rugby Football Union, John O'Neill - the man who expressed these following poetic views only last week:

Everyone hates England. It’s a statement of the bleeding obvious...this is all a byproduct of their born-to-rule mentality. It’s been there for a long time and nothing has changed.

That invite to the Diplomatic Corps is waiting, John.

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