Friday, 22 February 2008

I have the power

Sometimes you just wonder if people read stuff back to themselves before publishing it.

On the BBC website today there's a story about how Ofgem, the regulator in charge of utility gas and electricity companies, is looking into potential market abuses.

And the following gem is part of the story:

The group has also questioned whether companies that supply energy, as well as producing it, have too much power.
Surely that's the whole point?


Le laquet said...

Makes me want to break into a weird 90s dance routine a la Snap's "the Power". Just like this in fact!

fatboyfat said...

Ah, it's not just me then. We are clearly of the same generation, Jo!

Tom said...

They have too much power and then they're selling it. Hmmm, how does that work?

I never could break into ANY dance routine...ever. Except maybe that finger pointing one whilst biting my lower lip.

I was a regular Tony Manero...

fatboyfat said...

We're all imagining you in the white suit, Tom.


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