Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Packets of four

I must remember to thank Rebecca for tagging me for this "Four Things" thing. Here goes.

Four jobs I've held:
  1. Record shop assistant (a Saturday job as a teenager. God, I loved that job).
  2. Door-to-door book club salesman (for all of one day).
  3. Filing clerk (or "that temp who lost all the files in '88").
  4. Message wrangler and corporate Jiminy Cricket.
Four movies I've watched over and over again:
  1. Blues Brothers (the original one, if you don't mind).
  2. The Italian Job (ditto).
  3. The Empire Strikes Back (I have an AT-AT fixation).
  4. Grease (although not through choice. An old girlfriend used to play it over and over again. I shudder to think of it now).
Four places I've been:
  1. Scaƫr, France
  2. New York, USA (a few times, and I have the credit card bills to show for it).
  3. Marsaskala, Malta
  4. Pastida, Rhodes
Four places I've lived:
  1. One bit of Birmingham
  2. Another bit of Birmingham
  3. A third bit of Birmingham a few minutes away from (2).
  4. The current bit of Birmingham.
Wow. How I've lived.

Four TV shows I watch:
  1. Ashes to Ashes (for the plot of course. The presence of Keeley Hawes in no way influences this decision).
  2. QI
  3. Top Gear
  4. The A Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Four radio shows I listen to:
  1. I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
  2. Wake Up With Wogan, interspersed with....
  3. Today on Radio 4
  4. Jonathan Ross on R2 (if I'm around/awake/sentient on a Saturday morning).
Four things I look forward to:
  1. Payday
  2. A tidy house. (It's never going to happen).
  3. Two weeks in Brittany, eating crepes and drinking cider.
  4. Katie getting better from her current poorliness.
Four favourite foods:
  1. Steak, medium rare.
  2. Indian, especially curries like keema.
  3. Stilton cheese.
  4. Tiramisu, if we're after a dessert.
Four places I'd rather be:
  1. The Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village, New York City.
  2. Anywhere in Solva.
  3. Chilling on Richmond Green on a sunny afternoon, drinking real ale, watching the cricket and checking out the planes on their final approach to Heathrow.
  4. Sitting in La Petite Peche in Brittany, eating foie de boeuf and discussing Hawkwind with Stuart, the co-owner until the early hours of the morning.
Four people I e-mail regularly:
  1. Brother no.1
  2. Brother no. 2
  3. Mike
  4. Myself, to test my email account hasn't gone west yet again. Damn you, VirginMedia!
Four people I've tagged:
  1. Le Laquet
  2. City Girl
  3. Kate
  4. Dean
Thank you, Wembley Stadium, and goodnight...


Rebecca said...

You and I would have to fight over the steak (medium rare), Stilton and tiramisu. I could have gone on and on with that list and the 4 movies one.

robin said...

oh. We must eat supper sometime together. Next time I'm in Birmingham I'll give you a ring.

City Girl said...

I love that:

It was a RECORD shop. And you said RECORD shop!

You love Joliet Jake. It takes a special person to appreciate the Blues Brothers.
(And what do you mean the original? Has there been a remake? Aak! Never mind, I don't want to know.)

You dig Jon Stewart. Which, btw, is THE Daily Show again. Writers strike over.

You mentioned Katie getting better. Aaaw. Good Husband.

We both love Indian and Tiramisu. And Stilton. OMG. Stil-ton.

PS - My closing line is always, "G'nite everybody! I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitresses!"

Are we related by any chance? My people are from Derbyshire. Survived the plague, obv.


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