Monday, 25 February 2008

A nation in shock

Our reporter writes:

News is coming in of an unexpected event in the South Birmingham area over the weekend.

Local residents have reported that fatboyfat and his long-suffering wife, Katie, arose from their slumbers and left their house on Sunday morning. Before mid-day.

No, really.

Fatboyfat - noted pie expert and wearer of a seemingly infinite range of brown t-shirts - has, along with his wife, been a finalist in the West Midlands Invitational Joint Lie-In Championship seven years running. It is said that the couple have never seen the 'AM' indicator on their alarm clock on a Sunday.

Neighbours were still coming to terms with the news today. "They'd been out the night before, too," said one. "We're not normally used to hearing them unlock the door until Monday morning when that happens. We fully remember seeing them come home from the last Pride weekend - that should be a spectator sport in its own right - and then losing a significant part of the following 48 hours."

There were unconfirmed sightings of the pair motoring through Gloucestershire, before returning after a very nice pub meal at Mappleborough Green. Normal service was resumed, by all accounts, with a lengthy nap in the afternoon.

We clearly need to get out more often.

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