Friday, 1 February 2008

This might be interesting

You've got to admit, as ideas go, it's a stroke of genius.

Neil at Citizen of the Month was thinking. About how there are all these millions of people all around the world, conscientiously adding to their blogs day after day. About how they may not get recognition, but they keep on going. And about how, when we see someone being interviewed on TV, that person - and what they have to say - suddenly seems more important.

And then he had his idea, the Great Interview Experiment. A list of bloggers would apply, each one agreeing to be interviewed by the one before, and to interview the one following. You go and study the blog of your interviewee, come up with some pertinent questions, pose them and they expose their innermost feelings to you. Then they put the whole thing up on their blog. And at the same time, someone does the same to you and you put the end results up on yours.

So as a result, Kristen from LA gets to interview me. Good, it's about time we saw some decent writing on here. And I get to interview Robin from Montana. My apologies in advance, Robin.

Quite what either of them will make of some bloke from Birmingham is anyone's guess.


City Girl said...

As the Guinness guys would say, "Brilliant!"

robin said...

No apologies needed. I'm just happy to be interviewed by someone who likes food as much as I do.

Tom said...

I prefer the woman that is pimping the Orbit gum... "Fabulous!"


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