Thursday, 25 November 2010

A devastating work of literary genius

Actually this is a little exciting. Here's me being all Mr Cool about it, but no, it's a bit of a thrill.

I have something for sale on Amazon. And I'm not talking about those unwanted PlayStation games that I've put up on Marketplace. Oh no.

I've written a book of sorts, one that people can actually buy. I suppose you could say I'm a published author.

If you're in the UK, go here. And if you're on the other side of the Atlantic (and probably busily digesting a lot of turkey right now), go here instead.  Yes, that's me.

It's a short collection of short stories - 16 in total. None of them are more than 1,200 words in length, so they're great for a quick chortle while waiting for the bus to boil or the kettle to arrive. All for a bargain price! To be honest, charging any more for 35-odd pages would be taking the mickey, I think. And as I haven't signed any US taxation forms, a big chunk of any money paid goes to US Internal Revenue anyway. I'm like a one-man trickle-down economic policy, aren't I?

Yes, it's an eBook. So my market is restricted to people happy to read on one of those eBook readers, or on their PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, yada yada yada. Those who are comfortable with technology.

Yes, some of the stories have appeared on this very blog over the last three years. So my market is restricted to those people who aren't happy to read blogs. Those who aren't comfortable with technology.

Hmm. There's probably a Venn diagram for this, and it's not looking encouraging.

Anyway. Christmas is coming, Katie needs shoes, you have friends with eBook readers who like a laugh but don't read blogs. It's a winning combination!

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City Girl said...

Rock. On. Fabs!

We are very, VERY excited for you and will be pimping your work on our blog soon. And Tweeting it and Facebook-ing. Like I said: Pimping.


CG1 & CG2

PS - Sorry about the IRS situation...They're terrible like that.


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